Three Courses

Three Courses Cover Art

Three Courses is the first of JobJob’s Mini-Game Cookbook Zine series. This unofficial fan cookbook draws from several inspirations, such as the popular Fire Emblem: Three Houses video game and real life recipes of medieval Europe. The recipes within Three Courses have been extensively researched in order to match foods, techniques, and tastes that could reasonably be found around the 15th century (with a few exceptions). This unique thread doesn’t stop at the food either! The artwork in the cookbook also draws inspiration from the styles, artistic movements, and pieces from that era.

The physical paperback of Three Courses will be a 60 page (or more depending on if stretch goals are met)  6” x 8” perfect bound book. The book is divided into 5 sections, each with an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for a total of 15 recipes and each recipe includes a professional, expertly composed food photo. Also included throughout the cookbook are informational pages on cooking techniques, tips on fish and pheasant cuts, knife sharpening, and much more!

Table of Contents

Three Courses Items

The Three Courses fan zine project is based around food, it’s a cookbook (but bit smaller)! Along with the book, our team tried to come up with some fun extra items that tie in with things in a kitchen as well as things inspired by our love of the Fire Emblem video game series. Listed below are all the items available to get in the Three Courses pre-order!

Please note that any items ordered with this pre-order will not ship until December 2021.

Digital Wallpaper & Credits in the Cookbook

There’s a lot of amazing art by our talented staff in Three Courses. Another way to show it off is through a digital wallpaper! The sizes will include 1024x768, 1600x1024, and 2560x1600.

Also as a ‘Thank You’ for supporting the pre-order and helping raise the funds to make this project possible, you can get your name or handle printed in the ‘Thank You’ section of Three Courses!

For this piece during checkout, please provide what you wish to be credited as in the ‘Notes’ section of the shopping cart. If no alternative name is listed, the name used on the order will be the one used as the credit name. If you don’t wish to have credit, please write ‘N/A’. No derogatory or foul language allowed, we retain the right to omit your entry from the credits. Feel free to email us for more information.

Three Courses Cookbook

Three Courses is a 60 page cookbook (with the potential to be longer depending on if funding goals are met). This book is divided into 5 sections, each with an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for a total of 15 recipes. Each recipe includes a professional, expertly composed food photo. Also included throughout the cookbook are beautiful illustrations and informational pages on various cooking techniques and helpful tips!

Current section titles:

  • The Empress’s Banquet
  • The Boar’s Feast
  • The Schemer's Supper
  • The Mockingbird’s Gala
  • The Saint’s Reception

Three Courses Book and Page mockups

Three Courses Coasters

Prevent water stains and other spills on your counters with these Three Courses coasters. These coasters are made from composite sandstone and feature the house logos for Empress Red, King Blue, Tactician Yellow, & Trickster Silver. Furthermore, the 4-pack comes in a custom printed box!

  • Coaster Diameter: 4.25” (110mm)
  • Box Dimensions: 4.75” x 4.75” x 1.5” (120mm x 120mm x 35mm)

Coaster example

House Medal

Show off your House Pride with your choice of either an Empress Red, King Blue, or Tactician Yellow medal!

Medal details are as follows:

  • Length: 40mm (Coin) + 30mm (Ribbon) + 25mm (Bottom) = 95mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Finish: Antique Gold
  • Fastening Type: Two pins on the back of the coin with rubber backings

House Medal Example

Student Apron

To start a cooking journey, it’s good to have protection from the various spills you will encounter. Protect yourself with the Student Apron! This apron has a handy pocket to store your phone, kitchen utensils, a little snack, or anything that will fit! There is also a neck adjuster so the apron is comfortable and protective to as many people as possible.

  • Material Color: Black
  • Print Color: Gold
  • Print Method: Screen-print
  • Size: 68cm x 80cm

 Apron example

Sprite Commissions

Choose either an Overworld Sprite, Battle Sprite, Portrait Sprite, or all three in the Ultimate Sprite Pack. Send us a photo of yourself or a description of your original character (OC) and our sprite artists will give you or your OC the sprite treatment. When the pre-order closes, we will reach out to collect your commission information. The digital files and a physical sticker sheet of your sprite is included!

Ultimate Sprite pack has limited slots available. 

Sprite examples


Have one of YOUR recipes added to the final cookbook! Work with our chefs, Peter and Alyssa, to research and transform your recipe into something that could reasonably be made around the late middle ages (or as close as we can)! When the pre-order closes, we will reach out to arrange everything.

Limited to 4 available slots.

Stretch Goals

What’s a pre-order project without some type of extra goal if things go well?

The stretch goals for this project will be based on the number of PHYSICAL books ordered (Tier 3 to Tier 7) so make sure to share this little project with your friends!

Below are the first two stretch goals. If these get met, we will reveal the other ones.

 UNLOCKED! The first stretch goal is Art Pack

  • Goal: 100 physical book orders
  • What It Includes: To fit the aesthetic of an old book found in the crumbling ruins of a school, the art pieces throughout the book have been put through some heavy styling. With this stretch goal, everyone who pre-ordered from one of the Tiers will get clean, unfiltered, unweathered .png file versions of the art.

The second stretch goal is Snacking in the Dark.

  • Goal: 250 physical book orders
  • What It Includes: "Do not dine with the goddess. Do not dine with her students. Only snack with those in the dark." Three more recipes will be added to the cookbook! Everyone from Tier 2 to Tier 7 will be getting an 18-recipe cookbook!
Stretch goal progress as of 7/4/21 10:00AM EST.
To be updated periodically here and on the Three Courses collection page.

Friendly House Competition

To add a little more fun into the mix, we thought it would be great to throw in a little competition between everyone's favorite Houses!

Prize: The House with the most support will have all the recipes in their section of the book turned into tutorial videos on our chef Peter's YouTube channel.

How To Participate: For Tiers 5, 6, and 7, you get to select one House Medal to go with your Student Apron. Each order in those tiers counts as 1 point towards your selected House. Buying extra single medals does not count towards the competition.

Current standings as of 7/4/21 10:00AM EST.
To be updated periodically here and on the Three Courses collection page.

Meet the Staff!

As you know, you can’t create something as cool and fun as this without having a dedicated crew behind it! Here’s everyone who has been a part of Three Courses so far.


Peter J Abreu - FE 6 7 8 Fan; Black Eagles Bias - Pilot, Chef, & Tea Connoisseur, Peter is a man of a wide array of talents. He believes that sharing a good meal is a great way to bring people closer together.

Alyssa Browning - Lovely Alyssa has an affinity for finding and trying out cursed food recipes so we don't have to. That doesn't stop her from finding many, many gems in her experiments (have you ever tried Carrot Swirl Bread? You should.)

Video & Photography

Patrick Deasy - Along for the ride - Funny, cursed meme man, Pat works out of the Midwest and is the genius behind all the cool effects in the teaser and launch videos. He also worked on the beautiful food photography that can be found throughout Three Courses.

Page Design

JobJob - Addicted to min-maxing stats - The publishing company behind this cookbook and a few others. A famous video game skeleton is rumored to be based off them in some sort of way...


Rose Jackson - Tried playing FE8, died in tutorial - Proofread some things. Put together the store. Wrote most of this page. That's all you'll get out of me.


ケLV - Enjoyed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - You can find ケLV's art in all of our monster illustrations as well as in the coloring of the Last Supper piece on the cover. They specialize in the surreal and are currently working on their comic, Anamnesis.

Arriticus - Our cover designer! Ari took the Last Supper piece and designed a wonderful, intricate cover around it as well as the Three Courses logo. She's currently pursuing art school!

Camíla Inoa - Camíla is a traditional and digital illustrator whose art can be found on various recipe pages such as the Meat Pie! Her art outside of this project is super colorful, cute, and fluffy!

Daniel P.V. - Daniel's a fast working artist who specializes in digital art and general graphic design. He designed all the house logos, the Student Apron, and various page assets. He's also designed a few of the monthly enamel pins on JobJob's shop!

Honour Harry - Played FE for the Fashions & the Dating - Honour specializes in digital and traditional illustration. They did the sketch and composition of the Last Supper cover piece. Their work can also be found on the recipe pages like the Vegetable Pasta Salad. Outside of various projects, they work as an art teacher!

Marco FedeleMarco is an Italian who is well versed in traditional, digital, and a mix of the two. Marco inked the Last Supper cover and has done other illustrations through out Three Courses such as the art for the instructional pages.

Prism - Prism is a stunning pixel artist. He's worked on OTHER: Her Loving Embrace and many other neat video games. He will be doing the sprites for Tiers 6 & 7.

Anthony “PureCornage” McNair - ඞ - With Unknown Eldritch Origins, Anthony is a precise digital artist/illustrator. He has resurrected our dearly departed, short-lived Legend's Cookbook mascot Nana-Chan into a new form for this project. His art can also be found on various recipe pages such as the Gautier Cheese Gratin!

Trailer Voice Over

Gianni Matragrano - Gianni has a very versatile voice as seen in the various videos on his Youtube channel. His smooth, deep voice can be heard in the Three Courses teaser and launch trailers. It was great working with him and if anyone is looking to commission a great actor, he's your man.


What is a "zine"?

  • A zine is a small-scale, limited circulation, self-published work. The name comes from a shortening of "magazine".

Is this official or affiliated?

  • No, this is an unofficial and unaffiliated cookbook with any properties. We use original recipes and art inspired by a myriad of sources.

    Is Three Courses only available for pre-order?

    • At the moment, yes. It will only be available for pre-order from April 19, 2021 to July 3, 2021. After the pre-order closes, we can not guarantee it will be available for purchase again. Join our newsletter for future notice if any extras will be available for purchase after the pre-order closes.

    What does this pre-order mean?

    • Pre-ordering any item in the Three Courses collection (this includes aprons, coasters, sprites, house medals, etc.) means that when you purchase it via Shopify, you will be charged for the items within 7 days but you will not receive them until they are produced and shipped, which should be around December 2021. We will let you know if there are any delays.

    Will Three Courses be printed if no one pre-orders it?

    • Due to budget concerns, if Three Courses underperforms we will cancel and refund all orders. This is an internal judgement call and will be based on sales and community feedback. We will determine if the project will be canceled within the first month of pre-orders. Sales figures will factor in from all items from the Three Courses collection being sold.

    Can I cancel my pre-order?

    • Absolutely but only within the first 30 days of your initial pre-order. After that, we can't guarantee a full refund. Please contact us via: if you have questions or want to refund your pre-order.

    Can I get a refund for my order once I receive it later this year?

    • Due to the limited, small print run and the custom nature of this pre-order, we are not able to offer refunds on any products in the Three Courses collection after they have been shipped out and received.

    I have another question but it is not listed here, how can I contact you?

    • Please contact us via: if you have any questions.

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