Three Courses Project Tracker

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for either pre-ordering Three Courses or just being curious enough to track it's progress!

This page will be used to update the status of Three Courses. Please make sure the check out the information at the end about possible delays due various supply chain issues that are affecting literally every industry in existence.

Physical Item Status

Three Courses Cookbook (12/29/21)First batch of books are in! We fast shipped part of the order to us in order to be able to send out the books to everyone who pre-ordered as soon as possible! Some of you may have noticed an email with tracking information (if you don't get one in the next few days, make sure to check your spam folders). If you need to change your address, please let us know ASAP. The first round of shipping will be sent out on the 31st!

  • (12/10/21) Book has been ordered. It is now at the mercy of the global supply chain. Will update hopefully soon!
  • (12/2/21) Digital release to those who pre-ordered! Book order will be placed 12/10/21.
  • (11/6/21) Internal Proofreading
  • (10/30/21) Page Layout Draft Stage
  • (9/22/21) Second Round Editing Stage

Coasters (12/2/21): Received!

  • (11/30/21) Coasters have finished being produced and are on their way to us! Good news! The manufacturer were able to get more of the rough edged coasters so the final product will be the same as the sample photos!
  • (9/27/21) Ordered. Note: Due to the manufacturer discontinuing the particular coaster style, final product will be slightly different from photos. The material is the same, but the edges are smooth.

Aprons (10/29/21): Received!

  • (10/26/21) Aprons have hit land! Still no estimated date of arrival to us but hopefully in the next following weeks!
  • (9/27/21) Currently being shipped to us. Estimated arrival is in October, but may change due to current issues with global shipping

House Medals (8/30/21): Received!

Other Statuses

Sprite Commissions (10/28/21): Completed!

  • (9/27/21) In-Progress

Academy Cookoff (9/2/21): Winners has been selected! Congratulations to the following winners!


(12/2/21) The digital PDF is ready for public eyes! To those who pre-ordered, please check the email you placed your order with for instructions on how to download the PDF. We wish to apologize for the delay in the physical version of this zine. We hope to get it in everyone's hands early next year. As mentioned previously, we are looking into expedited shipping methods to us so that we can get the physical copies in our hands and then your hands as soon as possible.

The PDF has been proofed and gone over many, many times internally, but we are not infallible. The PDF is version 1 of the book. If there are any glaring typos, please let us know. We have the ability to fix them until 12/10/21.

To those who pre-ordered, please check the credits page to make sure your name is correct and let us know ASAP if there needs to be a change!

Again, thank you all for your continuing support. We will keep you updated on the status of the physical print. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out!


(9/28/21) No one wants to hear this, but no matter what we do, the physical paperback will not be available by the original December estimation. We are about a week behind schedule on the pages. We have also been talking with our book manufacturer and they are currently estimating an additional 2 to 3 weeks extra added to their lead time due to various global supply chain issues.

When estimating the amount of time needed to fulfill this project, we made sure to add extra buffer room, but despite that, some things are still out of our hands. For example, the aprons have shipped. The lead time from order to door is usually 40 days but they estimated 80 days to accommodate the current (and worsening) global shipping crisis. We're hopeful to get the aprons by mid-October, but we also will not be surprised if they don't get here by then. We will keep you all posted.

We are currently discussing internally if we can feasibly make arrangements to expedite the shipping for the paperbacks but it's a numbers game since we are a small company. As some insight, for our project budget sheet, we based the shipping price off of shipping by sea. Expedited shipping (via air) costs SIX (6) times more. Luckily we were conservative with our estimates but we have a few more expenses to get final numbers before we can make the final decision.

On the bright side though, as soon as the digital PDF is done, we will be releasing it to everyone who preordered!

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